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Race & Gender in Fiction

This is a topic that came up in an online writing group in which I occasionally participate — came up a couple months ago, actually, but I’m just now getting around to putting down my thoughts here.  See, as with pretty much anything online, what started out as a really…

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A Simplified Guide to Plotting

This entry is a very short and very simplified guide to plotting.  As with everything else I post here, the techniques contained herein are ones that work for me and are not meant to be taken as gospel.  Writing is a very personal endeavour and not all techniques will work…

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Editing: Grammar is for 2nd Drafts

This article has arisen from discussions I had recently at a writer’s group I attend.  The question came up about editing and when to do it.  Should you write a section, then edit it before moving on? No.  No.  If you do that, you are having a bad problem and…

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David Whale lives in Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada, with his spouse Crazy, his step-daughter Lil Crazy, and their three dogs Tucker, Weasley & Mundungus.  He has been telling stories in various forms since he was a kid, from writing and drawing his own comic books to creating photo-stories using his old Kenner Star Wars action figures to script doctoring on a televised sports show to finally completing Radko’s War – his first published novel.

When not writing, Whale enjoys reading, drawing, creating custom action figures, playing the X-Wing Miniatures Game and trying like hell to finish the Stormtrooper costume he’s been working on intermittently for a year.

David Whale can be reached at davidwhale@whalewriter.com