Corporate Synergies is a modestly epic 14-part space opera of questionable ethics and dubious morality centred on the ongoing conflict between two mega-corporations and their quest to dominate the retail landscape of Earth’s ever-expanding colonial reach.  A science fiction satire of modern consumer culture and lack of corporate accountability, the story will follow the naive Molly as she sees the galaxy for the first time… through the scope of a rifle.  Burdened with crushing debt on her retail-issue credit card, Molly accepts a reduced repayment plan in exchange for five years’ service in the Emerging Markets Division — a.k.a. private army — of Universal Retail Inc.  Suffering through boot camp, Molly finds herself deployed to the front lines of the great and bloody retail war.

“Episodes” are released weekly on Fridays, just in time for you to slack off on your last day of the work week.



  1. Early Bird Special (a.k.a. the Prologue) & Human Resources I – March 17/17
  2. Human Resources II – March 24/17
  3. Human Resources III – March 31/17
  4. New Employee Orientation Program I – April 7/17
  5. New Employee Orientation Program II – April 14/17
  6. Core Competency – April 21/17
  7. New Employee Orientation III – April 28/17
  8. New Employee Orientation IV – May 5/17
  9. Horizontal Deployment of Assets I – May 12/17
  10. Horizontal Deployment of Assets II – May 19/17
  11. Supply Chain Issues – May 26/17
  12. Strategic Ground-Level Asset Reduction I – June 2/17
  13. Strategic Ground-Level Asset Reduction II – June 9/17
  14. Reverse Fulfillment – June 16/17